Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring 2012

Spring is definitely on overdrive here in the Midwest.
I have finished the Twisted Tubular Herringbone necklace based on Doris Coghill design “Fresh Twist.” I ended up making two necklaces and I am pretty sure I will be making a third. When you have two daughters one is never enough and two is okay, but three is the best, especially if you want to have one of your own.
Here are photos of the two I have completed.

I have also managed to make two beaded beads based on the Beadwork Beaded Bead Contest designs. The first bead is “Seeing Stars” designed by Melinda Barta and the second is “Cluster Beaded Bead” designed by Gwen Fisher.
The “Cluster Beaded Bead” makes a large size bead if you use 8mm beads as given in the materials list. I am not a huge fan of large size beads so I replaced the 8mm with 6mm and adjusted the size of seed beads accordingly.

Not sure yet if I will actually enter the Beadwork Contest but I am having a good time making the beads.
Here is the photo of the two beads.

The April Project for the Seedbeadersters is ready to roll. The project is an “Embellished Right Angle Weave Necklace” designed by Larry Linson a Seedbeadersters member. This is a lovely choker style necklace. The instructions for the necklace are in the Seedbeadersters files but you need to belong to the group to access the file.
Here is a photo of the April Bead Along Project.

Off to my bead stash. Have fun playing with your beads.


  1. Love the herringbone necklaces!

    I keep meaning to do the beaded beads (cause I really love beaded beads) but for some reason I just haven't yet....