Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012

Update on the Seedbeadersters: The May Bead Along is starting and the theme is YOU PICK.

Members can select a project from the Bead Patterns and Tutorial folder on the Seedbeadersters Group Link Page. The patterns and tutorials cover a multitude of beading techniques. A member can try out a new technique or revisit an old one.


Members may choose to make an Amulet Bag. There are 40+ links of Amulet Bag Patterns available to the members and the techniques used to make the bags include Peyote, Tubular Peyote, Netting, Knitting, and Loom.

Here is a photo showing a few of the necklaces made by Seedbeaderster members for the April Bead Along. The tutorial for the necklace was provided by Seedbeaderster member, Larry Linson.
If you like to play with seed beads please join us at or join our group

Have fun beading!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Loom Project

Finished my loom project a “Rose Cell Phone Bag”. This should help protect my cell phone in my purse and keep me from accidentally turning it off or calling someone. I used Delica beads to stitch the bag and size 15 seed beads to close the sides. I created a felt inner bag to keep the phone from being scratched. Here is the picture of the finished bag.

Here is a photo showing the completed project on the loom. I used masking tape across the bottom row of paper clips to keep from snagging the thread while stitching.

I really liked working with the No Warp loom. It was easier to use and I was able to work faster. The only drawback with using paperclips is having small loops of thread along the end beads after removing the piece from the loom.  On the cell phone bag I added a row of beads to each end using Square Stitch and pushing the loops to the inside of the bag.
I have a Versa Loom but did not use it for the cell phone bag. The Versa Loom was not wide enough to accommodate the number of beads required.
I plan to make a loom stitch bracelet with the No Warp loom, but this time I am going to setup the warp threads using beads in the same manner as on the Versa Loom.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Earl April 2012

Sunshine and Beads what a great way to have Fun!
One of the seedbeadersters  found the German web site FantasiaBeads  where she found a tutorial to make a beaded crystal Sea Horse, titled Luis. Her sea horse was so lovely I decided to make one for myself.  The tutorial calls for 3mm crystals.  Not having 3mm on hand I switched to 4mm. I used Metallic Gold Iris seed beads in size 8 and 11, gold metallic seed beads in size 15, and Golden Shadow Swarovski 4mm crystals. With all the gold beads I used I have dubbed him King Luis. Here is his picture.

The Seedbeadersters are busy working on the RAW Choker necklace and finishing up previous projects. Some of the members want to make an Amulet bag or a netted bag with beads as our next project. To that end I am trying to locate free tutorials for both types of beaded bags. I have also designed a bag worked in Tubular Peyote and will make the pattern available to the seedbeaderster members. Plus I am looking for an alternative project for those who do not want to make a beaded bag.
In the meantime I am working on a loom project. For this project I am using the No Warp Ends method. My very handy Son In-law built the loom for my birthday. He used The Best Loom of All as a starting point. The loom he made is smaller but is just right for my looming needs. Here is a photo of the finished loom. As you can see in this photo I have started my project. I’ll post another photo when I have it finished. The plans for the Best Loom of All can be purchased from GGs Design on Art Fire.