Friday, January 25, 2013

January 2013

January 2013

Hope everyone is getting off to a good start for the New Year.  

Brand new this year is the Seed Beads and More Facebook page. This was started by Anita Adamson and is a great place for beaders to meet new people, share projects and ideas, gather tips and information, participate in beading challenges and have more beading fun. Here is a link to the Facebook page.!/groups/465805706810440/
The Seedbeadersters Group have started  the Bead Along for January/February. The project is making Bitty Beads using the Flat Odd Count Peyote Stitch. There are thirty-four graphed and charted designs available for the members to use in creating their bead tubes and finished jewelry pieces.
This is a Valentine necklace I made with the Bitty Beads and is followed by one of the designs available to the members of the Seedbeadersters Group.

Valentine Heart Bitty Bed

Row 1&2 (L)  (1)Red, (1)White, (1)Red, (13)White, (1)Red, (1)White, (1)Red
Row 3 (R)  (2)Red, (6)White, (2)Red
Row 4 (L)  (9)White
Row 5 (R)  (2)Red, (6)White, (2)Red
Row 6 (L)  (3)White, (1)Red, (5)White
Row 7 (R)  (2)Red, (3)White, (2)Red, (1)White, (2)Red
Row 8 (L)  (2)White, (3)Red, (4)White
Row 9 (R)  (2)Red, (2)White, (3)Red, (1)White, (2)Red
Row 10 (L)  (2)White, (4)Red, (3)White
Row 11 (R)  (2)Red, (1)White, (4)Red, (1)White, (2)Red
Row 12 (L)  (3)White, (4)Red, (2)White
Row 13 (R)  (6)Red, (2)White, (2)Red
Row 14 (L)  (3)White, (4)Red, (2)White
Row 15 (R)  (2)Red, (1)White, (4)Red, (1)White, (2)Red
Row 16 (L)  (2)White, (4)Red, (3)White
Row 17 (R)  (2)Red, (2)White, (3)Red, (1)White, (2)Red
Row 18 (L)  (2)White, (3)Red, (4)White
Row 19 (R)  (2)Red, (3)White, (2)Red, (1)White, (2)Red
Row 20 (L)  (3)White, (1)Red, (5)White
Row 21 (R)  (2)Red, (6)White, (2)Red
Row 22 (L)  (9)White
Row 23 (R)  (2)Red, (6)White, (2)Red
Row 24 (L)  (9)White

If you like working with seed beads I hope you will stop by the Seedbeadersters Group Home Page and see who we are.

During November and December I worked on jewelry projects to give as gifts. I made two bracelets for my Daughters.  I used Tila beads, 4mm Swarovski Crystals, and seed beads in one and used the new Twin beads, Tila beads, and seed beads in the second bracelet. Here are photos of the two bracelets.
I like using the Tila beads but since the beads are raised on one side it does make it a bit difficult to keep them aligned properly when stitching. The Tilas and the Twin beads work great as spacers, but I am not completely sold on the Twin beads. I have been looking at beading patterns using the Twin beads and in most cases the beading thread is exposed.  I do not consider beading thread, especially the fishing line I use as attractive. When I design a beading tutorial or pattern I work very hard to keep the thread exposure to a minimum.  Here is a photo of my most recent tutorial called Star Corona Earrings, and I did use Twin Beads in the design.

In addition to the bracelets I also made some beaded rings. There are some terrific ring tutorials on the web. Here is a list of a few of my favorite ring tutorials with pictures of the ring I made using the tutorial:
Briolette Flower Ring from Beadifulnights
Cocktail Beaded Ring from Beadifulnights

Hugs and Kisses Ring from Beadifulnights

There is also a Hugs and Kisses bracelet tutorial available
Deluxe Diamond Ring Off the Beaded Path
I added Tree of Life pendants to my gift list and for these I used Artistic Wire 18 gauge to make the Tree of Life Ring and 24 gauge wire to attach the gemstone chips. The Artistic Wire is a soft wire and will bend when you work with it, but in making the tree rings I discovered I liked having the bends; each one is unique. Funny, the very first Tree of Life pendant I made is the only one with the circle shape. Here are photos of the different pendants.

Currently I am working on another Bitty Bead necklace with a different color palette and some different designs. I will post a picture of the finished piece in my next blog.

Happy Beading Everyone!