Friday, August 30, 2013

September 2013

September 2013

Pen Covers

I have been working on Pen Cover designs and tutorials. I use the Tubular Peyote stitch technique to make pen covers for Pilot G2 pens. The pen cover designs allow for the beadwork to be done on the top part of the G2 pen. The pen cover is removable and can be placed on a new G2 pen. My latest pen cover designs include Kokopelli, a Hot Air Balloon, and Dream Catcher. I also created a Goofy pen cover at my Daughter’s request. With the exception of the Goofy pen cover the pen cover patterns are available in my CSD Design Studio on Art Fire.

Getting Back Into The Beading Groove
I took some time away from beading for home remodeling. The remodeling is done and my work space is back and I am back to beading.

First on my list was to find a project for the Seedbeadersters’ August Bead Along. I searched my files and came up with one of my own designs the Lattice Lace Bracelet.  I designed this bracelet back in 2009 and it was included in the 2010 Bead A Day Beading Calendar. I revamped the tutorial adding diagrams. The bracelet is worked in Square Stitch and Basic Stringing. The basic design uses size 8 and size 11 seed beads, but you can change the looks by changing the size and type of beads.

Made this version of the Lattice Lace Bracelet for my youngest Daughter’s birthday.

The Seedbeadersters have their own blog page and will be an extension to the Seedbeadersters  Yahoo Group. Seedbeadersters Blog

If you are a seed beader and would like to join the Seedbeadersters on Yahoo here is a link to the Home Page

 2 Drop Peyote Project
A 2 Drop Peyote Project is the September/October Project for the Seedbeadersters and I have been playing around with 2 Drop Peyote. I am finding 2 Drop goes along a bit faster than the regular 1 Drop Peyote, as long as you do not have to follow a graphed or charted design.

My first 2 Drop project was a Bitty Bead. I wanted to see if making a bitty bead using Even Count 2 Drop Peyote would work, plus it was quick to complete.  Here is a photo of the end result.


From creating the 2 Drop Bitty Bead I went on to design a “Christmas Ribbon Ornament Cover” in Even Count 2 Drop Peyote. The tutorial for this ornament cover is available in my Art Fire Studio CSD Design.

I am currently working on a 2 Drop Odd Count Peyote bracelet “Christmas Daisy Chain” designed by Mikki Ferrugiaro.

I’ll post a photo in my next blog entry.

 Seed Beads and More

Seed Beads and More is a Facebook page for beaders sponsored by Anita, a beading friend of mine. If you are on Facebook and like to bead take a look.

There are monthly challenges and the September challenge is the Beaded Bead. To help out I created an "Art Deco Bitty Bead Beading Tutorial" which is available to members of Seed Beads and More.

Until next time Have Fun Playing with Your Beads and Being Creative.