Sunday, November 3, 2013

November/October 2013

November/October 2013

2 Drop Peyote Projects Completed

Last month I mentioned working on the “Christmas Daisy Chain” bracelet designed by Mikki Ferrugiaro. I also made the Mikki’s “Holiday Tapestry” bracelet. Both bracelets are graphed designs and are stitched using 2 Drop Peyote. The “Christmas Daisy Chain” bracelet went to one of my Daughters. The “Holiday Tapestry” cuff I planned to make for myself and needed to make adjustments to the pattern to make it fit. It was necessary to increase the length and I used a design element in the pattern to add the extra length and sent my changes to Mikki for approval since her pattern is protected by copyright. She approved and wanted to see the finished piece. Here are the photos of both bracelets. Mikki has some great bracelet designs which you can find in her Art Fire Studio “Mikki Ferrugiaro Designs”.   



The Seedbeadersters Group has moved from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups and Facebook. We are still doing Bead-A-Longs, answering beading questions, passing on tips, and sharing things we make with beading friends. The November Bead-A-Long project is to make a piece with the Netting stitch. Information about the November Bead-A-Long can be found on the Seedbeadersters Blog:

Join the Seedbeadersters: Seedbeadersters Google Group!forum/seedbeadersters or Seedbeadersters Facebook Group

Netting Stitch Projects

For my Bead-A-Long project I wanted to make the “Bring on the Bling” bracelet designed by Kelly Dale of Off the Beaded Path as shown on YouTube. I chose 11/0 seed beads and 4mm bicones I thought would look nice together and started the project only to discover I did not like the look. I ripped my work apart and started over with a different color of seed beads. I still did not like the look but did not want to rip apart the seed beads a second time so I decided to make something else with the netted section. The end result was a netted ornament cover I call the “Dancing Angels”. I plan to make the bracelet at another time as Kelly’s design does make a very pretty bracelet and her tutorial takes you through step by step.

Here is the photo of the “Dancing Angel” ornament cover:

I wanted to make the Ukrainian Netted Tube Necklace using the tutorial from Hot Beads and decided this would be a great gift for one of my Daughters. She has been looking for something in shades of lime and I found Ornela brand seed beads in two shades of lime. The pattern calls for 50 to 75 grams of seed beads in each color which equates to two hanks each for both colors of the Ornela seed beads leaving enough left over to make a bracelet. Here is a photo of the finished necklace.

Posting Photos

I recently had an unexpected experience with a photo of the Tila beads and bicone bracelet I posted in January show up with a new title on the Beads Magic web site. They did not say who designed the bracelet or where the photo came from. Beads Magic also included a brief schematic showing how to make the bracelet; though the diagram is not totally correct nor is the list of the beads used. I contacted them and asked they at least give me credit for the design since they obviously stole the photo. They did go back and add my name but did not make mention of the correction. Beads Magic certainly could have asked for permission prior to posting the design on their web site because they knew exactly where the photo came from without my pointing it out. This certainly has served as a lesson to me to make sure any future photos I post on the web be clearly identified as mine. I also strongly encourage others to do the same.

Here is a photo of the bracelet which I have changed with the addition of my name.

Loom and Current Project

I have been working on the Loom and created a new ornament cover called "Circle of Ornaments". This design uses regular size 11/0 seed beads. The tutorial is available in my Art Fire studio "CSD Design"

I joined the “Bead Loom Room” on Facebook and am participating in their current challenge to make a piece in “Colors of Christmas” or “Christmas Wonderland”. My project is in the bead stitching stage and I’ll post a photo next month of the completed piece.

Have fun beading!