Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 2012 CSD Design Bead Bits

WELCOME TO CSD Design Bead Bits!

I started my journey with beads in 2005. Working with beads allows me time to be creative and share what I do with family and friends.

In 2008 I started Seedbeadersters a Yahoo Group. The focus of this group is using seed beads to make jewelry, accessories, ornaments and other beaded objects. This year the members are working on Bead Along projects and a Beaded Bead Challenge.

In January the Bead Along project was the Vanguard Crystal Ribbon Bracelet. I designed the bracelet and the members who participated had a lot of fun. The variety of colors they chose made some very lovely bracelets.

The February project is a Russian Spiral bracelet using two colors of size 8 Hex beads, one color of size 8 seed beads, and size 11 seed beads. Once again the members are having a good time and producing pretty bracelets.

In March the group will be working on a Tubular Herringbone necklace. There are some good tutorials on the web and in several bead publications. I can’t wait to see what the members create.

The Bead Challenge for the Seedbeadersters is based on the Beaded Bead Contest Beadwork magazine is running for their 15
th anniversary. The members do not have to participate in the contest to do the challenge, but I think it would be great if the members did.

If you like to be creative and have fun come; join us at the Seedbeadersters.
Beading friends liked my designs and asked for tutorials. I started doing tutorials and giving them away to friends and members of the Seedbeadersters. I was encouraged by family and friends to sell my tutorials and this led to opening a studio on Art Fire. My studio is CSD Design BeadworkTutorials
I recently designed a Starflower Reversible Pendant with gold and silver seed beads. One side of the pendant is gold and the other side is silver. It's like having two necklaces in one. All I have to do is turn the necklace around to change the look. I am currently working on a new bracelet design and will have the tutorial available soon.



  1. Welcome to the blogospher, Carolyn. And congrats on starting the blog. I have one, too, but am terrible at updating it! HA. I'll subscribe to yours!

  2. Nice start on the blog thing! I am following you.

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. This will be a great way to show off the new designs that you are coming up with. That is what I do with mine.

  4. Welcome to blogland! I am sure you will enjoy it and I love your designs! I am also a
    member of your yahoo! group.

  5. Carolyn,
    Glad to see you here.

    Readers, just want to say Carolyn's finished pieces are beautiful. Consider trying one of her patterns!

    1. Nice blog, mom. I really like the look of the Russian Spiral bracelet. Did you make the one pictured on your blog? Looks like I got to be the lucky recipient of your January bead project. Yeah me!!! What is the contest that the Beadwork magazine is doing?